Neon Bongo animation re-rendering views


Anyone have any idea how to make sure when using Bongo with Neon that it actually just captures the viewport as-is instead of re-rendering it? I have two machines, and one works okay(it has a Caustic board)and the other always waits the requisite time then renders the image again, I’ve tried setting Bongo to use the view resolution(which works on the other one) and set it to render at the resolution the view is at. EDIT:The one machine that was working, it’s not consistent…ugh.


Using Neon with Bongo, Neon was sometimes restarting. I have increased the delay and then it was ok.
In my animation, rendering time was from less than 30s up to 120s. I suppose that it happened for 120s rendering case, when Neon did not finished the previous image, Neon was reloading on next one.

BTW, the first image was often wrong (the camera forgets to move or an object was not at its position). Starting always the animation one frame before (and deleting after this preliminary frame) solved this issue.