Negative Values in Path: 'Simplify' error: "An entry with the same key already exists."

Dear All

I am getting the following error message in the attached GH definition:
“1. An entry with the same key already exists.”
The error happens when I turn on ‘simplify’. However, in my case, I do need the ‘simplify’, and I also need the paths the way they are set up. The same error appears in various parts of my definition when I try to use ‘simplify’. Could this have been cause by the latest update? I managed to work around this by using the ‘match tree’ component, but I guess ‘simplify’ should really work. May I ask what causes this error and how I can avert it? Thank you very much!

Chris (114.7 KB) (120.6 KB)

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The issue may be that I am using negative integers for the paths. It seems to work with only positive integers. If that’s the problem it would be good if either it is not possible to generate paths with negative values, or if those paths work everywhere. Currently the Split Tree component also does not accept negative values. I would certainly be happy either way, although in my specific case it would be very useful to have negative values. Thank you!

Can I ask why? What’s so bad with positive indices?
(I agree that they should work in general, I just don’t see a particular use for hand-written negative values – Grasshopper does not generate them)

In my case I am voxelizing in rectangular grids. Each {A;B;C} path of the tree corresponds to the x,z,y index of a voxel. I have overlapping grids that all intersect at (0,0,0), like a grid for structural bays, one for the facade grid, one for cores, one for interior finishes etc. Negative path indices would allow me to expand my grid later on in all directions without having to rename paths. Or it would make it easier to know where two grids intersect, for example if I have 6 facade panels per structural bay, every ‘A mod 6’ would give me the facade panels on structural lines etc., but this only works well if my main grid intersection point can be at {0;0;0}. Otherwise I have to calculate based on the voxel where I want the grids to intersect.

I would put this up as a wish for the future, but if I’m the first person ever to ask for negative path indices it’s probably not worth spending your time on. :wink:

Sure, this is something for @DavidRutten to assess.

I still reported RH-62584.

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RH-62584 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.8 Service Release Candidate