Negative forms

ok. I’m working primarily with complex hole-shapes passing through solids. I need to be able to see the holes in real time without doing a boolean every time. Having to do that creates a long history which makes editing difficult. Not to mention Rhino for Mac does not have an “UndoSelected” tool.

If anyone has ever seen Tinkercad online, you can designate any form a “hole”. It doesn’t matter how complicated it is. You can move it around, scale it, deform it, and watch it carve through intersecting solids in real time. It’s great.

Can this be done in Rhino? It seems like an obvious tool to me, but I can’t figure out if Rhino can do this…

This would be like a shaped eraser in photoshop.

MakeHole and MoveHole will do that, but as soon as the holes are intersecting it gets complicated. Holes are starting to move as one, or the hole moves only in one surface of a polysurface. And the commands work only on one (poly)surface at the time, but you can use multiple cutting curves.
You could move the cutting curves around, and select one or more to make a hole, then step back if you don’t like the result.