Needed To Know How To Create Round Roof


I’m an architecture student and I needed help creating a round roof for my round house I sketched as a floor plan. I would greatly appreciate advice from anyone who can teach me how to form a round roof on top of my house.

Thank you,

Round House.3dm (946.5 KB)

there are several ways to create that, they all depend on your intentions, maybe you want to include a sketch before somebody starts experimenting

here i used patch, extrude the roof curve downwards then use the edge of the surface for patch. try all options.

If you run “Command help” in Rhino, you can see animations of how the following commands could be used. They all are capable of making your roof.

“Rail revolve”
“Sweep 2 rails”
“Sweep 1 rail”
"Loft with “Loose” option

Here I used "Loft with “Loose” option. Your input curve had some bad areas, so I rebuilt it into a degree 4 curve to make it smoother. The original curve is hidden.
Round House Bobi.3dm (1.1 MB)