Need to undo hotkeys "Restore Default"

Browsing through the WIP Mac Preference, I opened the Shortcuts tab, and mistakenly clicked that very large inviting Restore Default button… and all my important shortcuts disappeared. Undo does not undo it.
I have not touched anything else in Rhino after that… hoping that my precious shortcuts add still hidden somewhere and can be recovered…?
I have at least 30 shortcuts that are assigned to physical buttons on external devices, these are usually a 4 keys combinations [meaning there’s just no way I can remember any of them]

How can I revert back the shortcuts? [unfortunatly I don’t have a very recent saved Pref file, so this won’t help. ]

What if I was to delete the Saved Application State [from Library ] ?

Will that help Rhino forget that the Restore Default was inadvertently clicked…?

with thanks

Bumping, as I very much hope someone could please have a look at this soon.
As it stand now, with not knowing what to do, I can’t use the WIP, nor close it, and won’t be able to switch off the computer… as this may permanently erase all my custom Hotkeys.

with thanks

You could export your preferences from Rhino 7 and import them into Rhino 8 but there is no backup for those. I will add a warning for that in the future, something like “This will delete any custom shortcuts and you will not be able to get them back”

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Thanks, But I don’t have all these in 7

is there no way to undo this step? I did not close the Pref panel [assuming this is when the change get saved.
I also copied the entire application content folder to desktop [it had a time which was earlier then that restore default click!
the old hotkeys list must still be there somewhere…?
or what if I force Quite the WIP [without closing the pref panel… maybe then it will not save that change?

Can you please explain how to extract the hotkeys list [maybe it in the container folder somewhere…? [I need to check if the custom keys were already deleted] there was no enter after the mistake and no closing of the panel.

thanks a lot

  1. Open Rhino 7 and start a new document
  2. Type ResetPreferences and export your settings to a PLIST file
  3. Open Rhino 8 and start a new document
  4. Type ImportPreferences and choose the file created in step 2
  5. Check “Shortcut keys” then apply
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Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 use different preferences files so restoring defaults on 8 will not reset your shortcuts from Rhino 7 so, assuming you were using them in Rhino 7, they should still be available in version 7.

thanks I already know how to get the pref from 7. Sorry but that was not the question!

I have older different ref in 7, It won’t help make up to what is lost in the WIP
Please kindly tell me where is the Hotkey list saved within the application. the yesterday list must still be there.
Just kindly please tell me where the list location is!

thanks a lot

The list is stored in the preferences PLIST file, setting to defaults removes them from the PLIST essentially setting them to default values. They are gone, they are no longer stored anywhere.


thank you John.
I did a force quite [without ever closing the pref Panel] and restarted Rhino and everything seems to be as it was… all my weird hotkeys that are assigned to external devices are intact… so not sure what happened but I’m happy.

I feel that Restore default should Never delete without a trace and warning what was before, it make no sense to have such a distractive big button, there has to be some sort of protective net.
I also think the plist should not be overwritten, the old one should go into some emergency folder [by default] and the new one become active, and the user is offered the option to delate the old plist. These plists can contain a lot of work that is very difficult to recreate.

thanks a lot