Need to get a cherokee font out of rhino's memory

two years ago I did job where I needed to carve some signs with the Cherokee “font” or syllabus. I installed it just like any other windows True Type font and everything worked fine within Rhino.

Recently my keystrokes started invoking cherokee symbols which Rhino apparently does not speak. The happens about once a month and when it does happen, I cannot get back to normal within that file. I have gone to the control panel and windows does not show it in the font registry at all.

I have to export my geometry, open a new file and import the geometry and this usually works. This only happens in Rhino. my other programs never “go native” on me.

If I go down the list of fonts for text within Rhino the cherokee syllabus doen not appear but the keyboard is locked into it once it starts.

I have re-loaded and even upgraded my BIOS for my motherboard.

Thanks, Phill

@lowell, do you have any idea about this ?

@Carver, where’d you get @SamPage 's icon?? Had me going there for a minute.


Me too :slight_smile: I didn’t recall any projects involving Cherokee fonts. Somewhere in the coincidence of us both having the same avatar there is a joke about herding cats, but I can’t quite find it.


Had the icon for at least 12-13 years.The best I can remember, I Got it from a guy ( in Italy I think ) on Christmas eve in about 2003 on the old Rhino forum. I think he was a developer for McNeel (or something). Whoever gave it to me was giving me grief about working at 3 AM on Christmas morning. When I re-butted that he didn’t have much room to talk he pointed out that I was obviously sober and he wasn’t. :slight_smile: he won ! but shared me the large image. Whoever it was had just posted it for grins and was not using it for an icon then.

McNeel set up this registration automatically as Carver which is what I go by almost everywhere else, but I had previously always gone by my name, Phill Pittman on the Rhino forums.

You have to watch out for those Cherokees. They were some badass Indians for sure. Just ask the Creek. Andrew Jackson sold them out and sent them on the ‘Trail of Tears’ but they are doing pretty well these days.

I am Rhino dealer now and live in fear that someone is going to sooner or later ask me if I ever got the indian out of my computer. This has happened during a couple of on-site demos recently. Never really bothered me until then.

Early on I did classical woodcarving, but went full cnc about 2002. ( ) Now I spend half of my time doing large scale patternmaking or consulting developing workflows for new technology acquisitions and a regular bit of very large scale reverse engineering. Planes and oil refineries. Have a few UAV’s doing photogrammetry and lidar…

But I am still no where near smart enough to shuck the cherokee in my keyboard.

are you suggesting?.. oh wait.