Need stairs definition for rhino 6

Hi i am looking for stairs definition creted from curve. can someone here help?
something like that but that one doesnt work for me ;(

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Did you try the search feature first?

And the video you posted has this link in the description:

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ye i have this definition but its work like that in my case. i have document in inches

2 set 1 set
when step height is 1 i have round edges but many steps. the goal is 22 steps. when i change step height edges are not soft

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The code linked from your video works for me:

And I’m sure the links I posted (and many more!) will also have working code for stairs.

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thank You. so the problem is in model units. when i reduced my curve to size similar to curve from definition then it works but i have one more question. is it possible to add landing?