Need some help with script updating

Hi, I’m looking for help with script updating for Rhino 5 x64.
I have a script “Flipper” it works great in Rhino 4 x32 but doesn’t in Rhino 5 x64. I suppose some code modification is needed. Any help or advise is appreciated!

Flipper.rvb (1.6 KB)

There is an omission on line 41… Open the script in a text editor like Notepad and change the following line:

If IsVectorTiny(D) Then Exit Function


If Rhino.IsVectorTiny(D) Then Exit Function

Then save the script file. It should then work…


Awesome! Mitch, thank you, thank you very much!!

By the way, is it possible to modify one more S.Cinar`s script? It projects mesh points onto surface and I’d like to have an ability to project T-Spline mesh points as well. It’ll be extremely helpful in t-spline modelling routine.

Don’t think I can do that - T-Splines objects are special plug-in objects, I don’t know how to access their points via scripting…


Hi Vlad,

Tsplines has a grasshopper plugin, which could be accessed through ghpythonlib.components module.

Could you explain a bit more closer what exactly you want to do, and attach some example files?

Ok, i see… Thanks anyway for your help!