Need some help understanding Rhino

Good morning,
Very new to Rhino.
I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Rhino and what I need to use it for. I had someone send me a DXF file and was hoping someone on here could come online with me to explain how it works. I’m overwhelmed with all of the buttons on here and thinking I only need a few of them. I’m sure once I’m taught I’m going to say oh that was easy. I’ll be willing to pay the person if the cost is reasonable.

I uploaded the file so you can see what I need Rhino for. It’s only 2D and this is all ill be using it for.

Thanks in advanceCarver 25.dxf (5.4 MB)


Without looking at the file, I’d say to start here to get a first impression of what Rhino looks and feels like.
I think the intrerface basics is where you’d start

from there you can come back here and ask more specific questions


send me a PM.
Mouse left click repeat last action.
Search in YouTube [



One thing to know about rhino is the commands are pretty straight forward for the basic things. If you want to move something, type move (enter), if you want to scale something type scale (enter), etc. You will notice as you type the command line gives suggestions as well. Once you enter a command follow the text on the command line which will tell you what to do next to complete the command.

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