Need some basic Rhino 5 info

Bug report: (not publicly visible at this time).

For some reason I continue to ruminate on this help organization.

I have been thinking that in addition to the idea of a “Rhino Startup Commands” (or maybe just “Starting Rhino”) entry, it would make a lot of sense and contribute to the logical consistency of the help organization if there was a content topic labelled something like “Installing, updating and maintaining Rhino” just before the “Starting Rhino” entry.

Now, the “Installing” aspect would surely seem a bit out of place in the help, which only becomes usable after Rhino is installed, so it is best covered in a resource or resources that are available pre-install, but this help section could certainly contain a recap of install-related info. Info like the various kinds of things that were installed and the directories they were installed in. An overview of the directory structure. Etc.

The “updating and maintaining” aspect could be completely covered here. I think that since these topics are pretty independent from Rhino normal operation, having them collected under their own easily discoverable high-level topic index makes a lot of sense. Putting the topic just before “Starting Rhino” seems to me to fit with a logical flow of presentation based on sequence of interest and use.

Just another $0.02 worth.

I’ll take your $0.02 and do something about it. Thanks for the input as always, Al.