Need multi import script support

I have a script to import multi files downloaded from the forum and modified it a bit accordingly. But the problem is that when importing files, the order of imports is by size. I want to change the import order by name, how do I change it.
I use google translate to ask questions so it might be a little difficult to understand importMultiFile.rvb (2.9 KB)

@Helvetosaur - it’s got your fingerprints on it… =)


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Oooh, vintage! 2013…

Hmm, it would be a one-liner to sort the file names alphabetically in Python, but in vbscript… Let me look.

O, how I hate working in VB script…

I don’t know, here when I import a folder with the original script the files are already sorted by name alphabetically. So I don’t really know why yours behaves differently and how to check. Does the following work any better?

ImportMultifileTest.rvb (3.5 KB)

If not, I’m afraid I can’t help you much.

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@Helvetosaur There was an error during useCapture

As I said, I’m afraid I can’t help you much here…

@Helvetosaur thank you very much. I will try it again. The VB script is a little annoying