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Hi there!
I am looking to get a new computer because I am frustrated with how slow my current computer runs with Rhino, and I am looking for suggestions.
I am a mac user and I love the way rhino works on mac, but I do use the plugins on windows, so I run basecamp on my mac, and it is annoying to switch back and forth. I have a macbook air and things seem to take so long. I would appreciate any help and suggestions and am happy to provide other details.

Here’s a question for you, (& Any Mac hyper-geeks out there)

Do macs need a periodic cleanup?
Even if the file system is perfect (unix branch isn’t it?) and it’s garbage collection dialed it would still suffer from things like overfilled SSD slowdown right?

Just wondering if a clean reinstall would speed things up? A mate had a MacBook Pro that had 5 years of hard work and started to get sluggish. He backup up all media/files and did a clean reinstall/refresh and it sped it up a lot…

Just a thought.

Regarding hardware spec;
-In general the highest frequency CPU is ideal for drawing/modelling calculations (MacBook Air may be limited in this case). So go for the highest speed CPU option they have (fastest turbo speed more important than # of cores)
-Dual channel 8gb Ram/memory (or more: I have 16gb and that’s a small amount for some people)
-PCIe SSD would be best: most new computers have this
EDIT: a discrete GPU would be a benefit too; since Rhino 5.0 doesn’t perform well on integrated intel GPU

If you don’t mind the weight there’s lots of
gaming pcs with dedicated GPU’s.

But if you don’t need to use rhino on the go,
desktop seems like the best option…

There’s gaming pcs that might be good but some seem like portable desktops…
Razer 14 seems well balanced, a bit costly tho…

Or maybe a light pc with thunderbolt + external gpu might be interesting.
Razer Blade Stealth also fits in that category.

I’m using Dell XPS15 , but when I bought it there wasn’t much choice of PC’s with dedicated GPUs…
Perhaps now I’d go for something like Omen and
have some spare money to get rendering plugins…

@Toshiaki_Takano i believe he is looking for an apple computer again :slight_smile:

@cwreckord i can only suggest to look into waiting for autumn or possibly only 2 weeks from now. if you would consider using an imac the pro version coming seems pretty promising.

if you want even more power, the mac pro is currently being fully redeveloped due to its current expansion limitation. no ETA for this though but i have my macbook pro for now 8 years. all i had to do is lube the fans once, it still runs well. so i still can wait a bit :slight_smile:

but as Prehabitat said, cleaning up a possible very full harddrive works wonder not really necessary to reinstall even though apple stores a lot of junk in many folders which if you know where you could clean up manually, this would help speeding up. otherwise a clean install might do.

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Oops… I took it as he wanted pc as he was using plugin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well at least maybe the external GPU might be option as long at thunderbolt is there on the mac.

Updating the OS will always help and clear out any stuff that isn’t needed anymore.

Thanks @VAtom! I did that and it definitely did help!
And @Toshiaki_Takano I am actually thinking of jumping the apple ship and going with a pc so thanks for the tips!

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didn’t read the rest of the thread yet but…
a MacBook Air is probably the worst mac to run programs like Rhino on… the CPUs are just really slow in those… 1.smthng GHz.

if you want Rhino to run well on mac, you’ll need at least a MacBook Pro… better yet, a 15"mbp with discreet GPU and i7 CPU… if you want the best Rhino experience on Mac, it’s a 27" iMac…
laptop or desktop, you’re looking at at least $2500 for a mac capable of running intensive CAD sessions.

(*opinion only… no facts in the above post :wink: )

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Thanks @jeff_hammond
I tried my son’s PC yesterday and it was a completely different experience.
I am going to upgrade to his pc and he is going to upgrade to another pc!
It will be cheaper than a macbook pro and light years better than what I am
working with now!

Courtney Reckord
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Totally agree. 16gb minimum ram (32 is best)

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Im running a MBP 15" Retina Mid 2014,
2.5GHz i7 processor
and it still lags on the more complex files, pretty impressive though for its size. But can only expect so much as it is no where near our custom built workstation

The fastest computer I use is an i5 3570k overclocked to 4.2ghz with 16gb of ram & a pcie drive for project files.
That’s a very old Custom workstation though and there are mainstream laptops today that are significantly faster. (With true quad core i7 that will do ~4ghz + faster interconnecting parts)

My point is that chasing the latest and greatest (hardware specifications) doesn’t make much sense in year-by-year sense; but if you’re on 3+ generation old hardware specification - like most examples in this thread - you will likely get a pretty cost effective, significant speed boost by upgrading to the latest mid spec.
Edit: Apple has similar hardware spec to the rest on their top MacBook Pro product; it’s more expensive; but if you know/love mac it’s worth it right?

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