Need Inverse Transform for Unroll Polysurface

Is there a way to detect an unroller transform that can be reversed? (12.6 KB)

Good question… that Unroll PolySrf component is part of Pufferfish I believe perhaps @Michael_Pryor knows if there is potential to reverse the process.

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Is it possible to create a transform output for unroll component?

Not really. It comes from Rhinocommon and that information is not available. The unroller class is not a transform, atleast not to the public:

#suggestion hi @dale please add transform( At the output of the component’s) to unroll in :
it is very useful

Why would you need to reverse the unroll though? Since you have the original object pre unroll anyway I’m not sure I see the reason?

(editing extended components a brep )and convert those components to the original form.
Of course, this is also possible with orient, but it is faster with transform .!

But I guess my question is, if you have the original why would you need to convert back? Just go back to the component holding the geometry pre unroll? The usefulness of Transformation data outputs is so you can do things like combine transformations or apply those transformations to other objects. Can you explain exactly what you want to achieve? I think the unroll is probably not such a simple transform which fits into the transformation matrix so probably it wouldn’t even work in a reverse way. Or it may be many various types of transformations.