Need help!

I am working on piece.

I want to make the outside circle the same size same the inside circle, but maintain the thickness.


I try scale and stretch, it does help much!!

and i don’t know what to do now !

let me explain more,

i just want to make the circle into ellipse

I try pipe with more 2 thickness, it doesn’t work well

this is what i want

but i cannot booleanUnion them together .

It could be a simple approach problem.
If you can insert the .3dm file we can be more useful.


good idea

desinger.3dm (939.2 KB)

inside dimension : 58mm
inside hight: 32mm
thickness: 3mm at thinnest metal part and 3.5/4 and 5 at the thickest part of the metal
Front opening; 20mm

good idea, i already upload. Can u help me to figure that out ?

The polysurfers intersect. I joined them through a blend surface. See if it can be good for you.
I also moved the seam for a better result.

desinger.3dm (6.0 MB)


If you want it to be all united then you need to explode the purple part, cut the unnecessary parts and then combine with the bolean command to the green part. A warning signal for tolerance for Bolean may appear. Here is the file with the edit.

desinger.3dm (7.2 MB)

thank you very much , great help to me.

Morning, simon.

I am thinking what’s the function of the plane? coz I try blendsrf, it can blend together immediately.

The flat surface is used to cut surfaces. The blend surface command does not work on surfaces that touch, but it is necessary to create a surface that connects the first and the two.

Thanks a lot, I understand now. Great help to me