Need help with viewport height issue

Hello, I’m in dire need of some help with the “cropping” of a perspective viewport. I’m trying to get a nice perspective of a project but I can’t make the viewport tall enough so that I can see the entire house. When I widen the viewport window I can see more of the scene, but when i try to heighten it it’s locked to where it crops the view heightwise. I don’t want to change the focal length or have the camera look up since that would skew the image, I just want it to behave the same way when i heighten the window as it does when i widen it.

Thank you in advance.

Regards Mikael

Hello - you can set the viewport size to an aspect ratio that works for you using a maco like

'! _-ViewportProperties _Size 100, 200`


Thank you Pascal for your reply.

Unfortunately I did not manage to solve my problem via this solution. I will try to clarify my conundrum; Using a floating viewport set to let’s say 700x350 and a camera at eye level looking horizontally at my project, I get this:

As you can see the viewport crops the view so that i can’t see the entire building. When i try to resize the viewport to 700x450 for example, this happens:

As you can see the viewport still crops the view to low and instead the only thing that happens is that I see less of the surrounding. But, when I instead try to widen the view, the viewport behaves itself and lets me see more of the surrounding, but it still crops the view just bellow the roof:

I have found out though that if i set the viewport size to 200x350 I get to see the roof, but then I can’t see anything of the surrounding:

I realize that I could solve it just by making the camera look upward, but that also distorts the view, tilting the walls towards a vanishing point high above it, and I would really like to avoid this since it could result in the misunderstanding that what I’m proposing is a slightly trapezoid shaped house:

Thank you in advance.

Best regards / Mikael

hi Mikael,

did you try the TwoPointPerspective projection?
(you can switch that in the View Properties: Parallel/Perspective/TwoPointPerspective.

In that case the vertical will always keep straight, no matter of your camera and target position.
So maybe you can manually drag the target into right place for your cropping to fit well in the vport.