Need help with model asap!

formmodeltest.3dm(903.8 KB)
Hi All!
I am having trouble trying to create one large mass of my project or preferrably a “shell” of object. I used various plugins within sketchup to create an organic shape which now has multiple lines and faces everywhere. All im trying to do is create one smooth object so that i can take it into a CNC machine and 3d printer. As of right now, both machines crash when the file is uploaded. I have tried the mesh union tool and am having no luck. Im really struggling with this and could definitely use some experienced help.

You have a big mesh. There is no easy or quick way to make a smooth, accurate surface from a mesh.
The process is called Reverse Engineering.
There is an entire section on the Resources page for Reverse Engineering.
To get your head around the process, find the “Scan, Cleanup, Remodel” document.