Need help with grasshopper file its too heavy to run (due to solid union)

I created this grasshopper file and there are some trivial components but mainly its not loading due to solid Union component I have put and my laptop temperature is through the roof.

I need help in making this file result into solar panel type thing thats 3D printable and also the lower solid to support has to be net or something to weigh less in printdress (26.9 KB)

for 3d printing you probably can get away without the solid unions, as long as all objects are closed solids, or perform a solid union in the end using a voxelization step.

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can you please remove solid union and send the file back. My laptop is hanging every time I try to open the file

when the file takes too long to open, you can start Grasshopper and disable the solver and go step by step.

Generally I would suggest not to flatten data trees too early.

The stems of your “trees” which hold the panels are very thin, diameter 1 mm which is problematic for 3D printing.

Also the stems come out of the underside of the base extrusion, you might want to move the stems up a bit.

You could offset the surface edges of the panels… and finally I’m not sure if I would attempt to print something like this in one piece at all.

Instead I might print all the panels with their stems separately and the surface separately.

Please provide your email address the file is too heavy to post here.

also, thank you for the suggestion.