Need help with filleting this edge and maintaing continuity

I am looking for a way to fillet this edge. When I use the FilletEdge tool, the corners are slightly jagged and not smooth. I have tried many options but haven’t been able to fix it.

Here is the ‘not smooth’ edge.

I know I can make the fillet radius smaller but it doesn’t completely remove the problem. I would also like to maintain surface continuity if possible.

Here is the file:
sal_1047.3dm (79.3 KB)

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your base surface is way too complex. I think you can acchieve the shape you are after with 4 simple surfaces that are connected using:


Then use these to trim the base surfaces and then trim the cylindrical cutout.
After that, Join the surfaces into a single polysurface, then add the fillet to the upper edge.


sal_1047_simplified.3dm (758.5 KB)


I think you got it but could you unpack that a bit more? The 4 surfaces you are referring to are the walls? If so, how did you manage to get the wall to keep the straight bottom and slightly curved top?

The wall surface has multiknots which results in spikes in curvature. This is the root cause of the jagged fillets. RemoveMultiKnot removes the multiknots and the spikes in curvature. Multiknots can occur for multiple reasons. Two common ones are MergeSrf and not allowing the surfaces to deform, , and Sweep2 with complex rails.


Multiknots removed:

However the surfaces are overly complex and Gijs’ suggestion is much better.

It is not obvious to me why there should be any problem in creating walls with straight bottoms and slightly curved tops. For example use Sweep2 with a straight bottom rail and a curved top rail.