Need help with definition for Schoen H”-R and Schoen H’-T MINIMAL SURFACES

i want to design two minimal surfaces.

It is Schoen H”-R and Schoen H’-T surfaces.

I dont have any idea where to start.
Will be apritiated for some advices.

Someone has shared a nice collection of meshes for minimal surfaces here:

(these are all approximate - they have the right topology, but the subdivided surfaces won’t be truly minimal. For most design uses though this probably isn’t a problem)

I don’t see the specific surfaces you mention, but maybe some use anyway.

You can also model them yourself by identifying the quad patches and creating the base unit manually.
For example, in the first one in your post it looks something like this:

hybridsurf.3dm (526.1 KB)
The 2 quads on the far left are all you need to model (making sure you keep the correct symmetry)
Then just repeated mirroring gives you the larger surface, which you can then convert to SubD


Thank you so much, for this solution.
I tried to repeat it via grasshopper and get next (24.8 KB)

I used Wb a plugin to get the SUBd and get close result,
but when i am trying to use the definition for minimal surface i get a little bit different (26.6 KB)

Now i am looking a way how to combine these two surfaces and make them dynamic.