Need help with contour, orient and project

Hi, I have been working on a simple project and need the end result to be laser-cut for which I need a flat diagram of all the contours on a panel. I have the script but its not flat . Maybe I am missing something. (17.1 KB)

Hi -

The Project Along component puts all sections on the CPlane in your graph. Perhaps you are getting confused by the other components that also show a preview? You probably want to join the section curves (or, before that, the breps) before translating those, though.

The OpenNest plug-in that you can install with the Rhino PackageManger might make things easier for you.

I’m not sure what you want to do but I would use Brep Join before Contour? (23.3 KB)

P.S. Of course, you could contour in the XZ plane as well: (21.6 KB)

Perfect. Just what I was trying. Also I tried opennest to make it fit nicely.

Also, while we are at it I want to have to external surface as a square and be able to loft through. i tried making a rectangle orienting it to loft but it says all curves are open and hence cannot loft. Is there a way to have a square on the outer boundary, the polygon on the internal one and loft them.