Need help with bongo orientation

hi, i am trying to model a welding 2 axis robot, i want the gun to move straight up first and then turn 90 degree, when i am trying with 2 points one constraint on the line track and gun chasing the node. but the problem is gun orients itself as it moves along the path. file is attached

as you can see i want to control the orientation of the welding gun.

welder.3dm (138.5 KB)

Hi Ahmed,
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Is this the movement you want to achieve?


yes sir, exactly this motion

how to do this ? i ll very obliged if i can get this file as well.

thank you so much

To make ‘Object 1’ (the welding gun) behave the way you want, some Forward Kinematic is needed in combination with Inverse Kinematics.
First, I’ve added some keyframes to pause the ‘runner’ in the corners of the rectangular path. Luckily the hight was exactly double the width – that made it easy to keep the travel speed of runner constant.
Then I removed the Hinge property from ‘Object 1’ (the gun) and added some keyframes instead to make it rotate as desired.
The IK still nicely takes care of the splitting the movement into those of Objects 6 and 7.

welder 001.3dm (143.3 KB)


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thank you much Sir,

this has solved a problem i was working on for a week now


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My pleasure.