Need Help with a surface generation

Good night,
I’m trying to Generate a Surface complete from A fluid simulation,

the path curves that represent the fluid motion are already drawn,

I’m having a problem with generating a surface from the path lines.

like this example here :

Here are my files:
water simulation.3dm (855.5 KB) (83.3 KB)

thank u

not easy to understand what you want. The surface is on the first component in the script !!!

The paths are on the surface.

The examples you gave do not give more clues. On the first image there are no surface just some paths …
A reference to the project you want to mimic could be useful.


here is the Referance :
thinktank and the life aquatech: water generative design (

What I want to do is to generate a surface from the fluid simulation output “The path Curves” ( the Red Lines in ur screenshot).

the surface u just enabled is a surface related to the fluid simulation.