Need help to simplify this building facade on grasshopper

Can anyone help me share a script of this facade. I’m new to grasshopper and tried an alternative way. (44.0 KB)

This building is called “MEDICAL CENTRE GRONINGEUNIVERSITY” in netherlands.

What are the goals of your project? Inputs/outputs, LOD

I am quite sure it has already been shared in this forum or the other ( Did you search ?
grasshopper | CrossProduct
there ???
Need help for creating facade

My goal is to achieve as to how I can write this script in grasshopper.


I saw the third link, but it’s quite complicated to understand. I hope there is a simplified way to make this.

Knowing the intent is critical to providing the right help. Final output will help inform what needs to be input.

Is this a homework assignment due this week? a rendering? what needs to be flexible about it?

Yes, an assignment to take this building and create the same facade using grasshopper.

# 001 : Cos Wave Curve / GH UserObject - YouTube

You can use this .ghuser to generate that cosine wave.