Need help to model a wooden tray

i need to model this wooden tray. I need suggestions on how i can do it.

Hello- please see

If you have a model started and some specific questions, please post the model or the part of it you are asking about.


Its a simple model i start to model but i am not getting the inner curve shape blending with the inner surface

see this video-

or this can be done pretty simply with subd-

this video may help too-

with an oak material applied-

wood tray.3dm (773.5 KB)

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but the original image looks more like beech :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, for your time and effort to show me this. can u please explain me how can do this with Subd? Currently, i have sizes to model the same thing so if u can explain, I will do it with other sizes.
The outer size is fixed, which means it cannot be changed, but the surface inside must be offset 1 cm from the edge with
tray.3dm (175.3 KB)

i made a quick hack with nurbs.

make a rectangular with rounded edges offset it then open extrude the outer and planar surface the inner. then use blend surface each edge separately, offset the result with solid no and blend surface both edges together again separately for a better result.

your inner part has a slightly shallower angle, you can grab the solid edges of the inner part and scale it slightly before blending which might give you a similar result to yours, i skipped that part but you might get the idea.



i am getting weird
tray.3dm (178.5 KB)
blend surface results

there are several issues with how you set up your file, the outer radius is far smaller than the inner which is not impossible but it just does not help you making a nice transitions without fiddling forever. the biggest issue is that the end points of the arches of the corner radius do not meet each other as you can see in the image below, which cause the blend to correct tangencies. you can still make the blend radius very small but it still would not look nice. i suggested to use offset on the outer curve which would avoid these issues, but that is of course a design decision.

if you must have such a strong radius difference inwards then you can make a blend curve which you use to sweep2, also dupboarder on the lower surface, because the trimmed surface is not helping you there either, then use planar surface on the new boarder which works as a basis for those sweeps

in the corners it gets tricky as mentioned due to the radius difference making this beautiful is not easy if possible at all

but you can get somewhere in the ballpark by sweep 2 like so

then MatchSrf with option multiple matches

a slightly better solution if you divide these edges by 5, extract isocurves and blend curve, then loft from up to down then match surface with multiple. i matched twice and got a better result. that might be already good enough. again your design choice makes it very hard to comply with all parameters.

addendum II: really my last one

lol ok it did not let me go, its also difficult to come up with the best solution for you since that really depends what you need it for… but nevertheless:

you can also model the entire thing different. basically just model the shape with straight sections and blend the edges in one go. without the perimeter, the perimeter you blend with a far lower radius.

you get something very similar

you can also loft the entire structure and control different radii like that. but i leave that now all to you. good day :vulcan_salute: :smiley: