Need help to install rhp plugin!

I try to install plugin Twinmotion in Rhino 7.
Twinmotion release EXE file install for Rhino 6. After install for Rhino 6. I found locate *rhp file. I intent to use it for install Rhino 7.

When I drag to Rhino 7 screen. There are error:

How can I install it?

Attached file:
EXE file. 2020.1_DirectLink-Rhino_Twinmotion_R5-6_1.0.0.0_setup.rar (14.7 MB) Twinmotion Direct Link 2020.rar (1.3 MB)

I’m told that his is the forum where you can get help with this:

Hi @John_Brock
I aslo create thread in this forum. But they rare answer threads in this forum. It look like they lack staff.

That’s unfortunate and difficult.
I don’t have any other options to suggest.

Rhino version not specified