Need help spanning a gap

Hi all,
I am wading into surface blending and creating surfaces which are at least tangent (preferrably curvature continuous) between elements of a model.

In the attached file there are two legs and three surfaces which form a “crotch” between them. I’ve trimmed both the leg and the crotch surfaces back to give space for surfaces to blend between the two.

I’ve been sort of successful with Blend Surfaces at the top, (although they could probably be improved), but am really stuck at the bottom. Because of a surface seam on the legs I can’t do a Blend Surface. I thought I might be able to use Sweep 2 Rails but I need more profile curves. I have no idea how to create curves across the gap which are tangent at both ends. Like Steve, I am mystified by the TangentFrom snap, and in any case I need both the start and end of the curve to be tangent.
surface.3dm (1005.8 KB)
Thanks for any help!

Hi Nick- use BlendCrv with the Edge option for this - that is exactly what it is for.


Hallelujah! Thanks Pascal!