Need help Permuting all the possible outcomes of a geometry

Hi, I’m trying to do a generative design study where I would get all the permutations/combinations of a geometry given the pseudo code (inside the gh file panel and which could very well be not-adhered to at certain points). Basically it is a piece of fin which is punctured by 4 arches (if you take a look at the solid difference node at the very right in isolation mode you will have a better understanding of what I’m trying to achieve). I’m just having a hard time getting around to setting up stepped domains/series and a generator that will produce a different design each time it is run (recursively until it runs out of options.)

One question I have is, if this is possible within the rhino environment or do I need a custom Python script to do this?

Thank you for any help offered. Much (36.0 KB)

Not quite sure I understand the pseudo code, but maybe something like this could be implemented (i.e. combinatorial generation using the Python itertools module, example in the thread).

Not sure if this will help you, but the native way of permutate a def can be done as follow: (8.0 KB)
The next version of Peacock will have a tool that automates this technique.


This is all great, thanks guys @AndersDeleuran @Dani_Abalde . I’ll have a deeper look and see if I can get it to work. Thanks again…