Need help on modifying the code for a kinetic wall, but on firefly

Hello everyone, I am new to grasshopper. A couple months ago, I made a 7’x2’ kinetic wall controlled by servo motors. It only does a wave-like animation. I want to try to code the wall again on firefly grasshopper so where it has multiple animations like a water droplet or any other animations that I could add. There is 1 servo motor for each panel/pixel. It only moves up and down. There are 48 panels and servos; 4x12. 16 servos are connected to an adafruit PWM servo driver, and there are three servo drivers controlled by an Arduino uno. I am wondering how to control the servos that are connected into the servo drivers in firefly grasshopper. Here is a video of the wall moving for a better look:

If anyone would help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.