Need help: Multiple Transformations 1 Output

Hi there,

I am having trouble getting multiple transformations applied to one input resulting in one output. I have an example attached. (3.7 KB)

I’m not really clear on what you are trying to do. You want to twist by the sum of the angles?
A sketch of what you are trying to achieve would be good.

Actually, now I think I get you, but I’m not sure twist works with multiple axis/angles. Your best bet might be to loft instead.

Thank you!

Interesting. Why do you think that is the case? Does that go for all transformations? I have the same problem with taper and bend (in GH). It seemed like such a simple thing (and do-able in Rhino) that I was convinced I was just missing something.

The attached definition was just a example of what isn’t working. Unfortunately loft doesn’t yield what I am looking for in this case.

I infer from the documentation (plus experimenting with your file) that there should only be one twist per base geometry.

As your twists should each be within the bounds of its axis, you might get a result by slicing the extrusion horizontally at each axis junction, twist the first slice, rotate the second slice by the same angle and then do its twist and so on. In other words, split the geometry into the same number of elements as the twists and process them, then join them up again after the transformation.