Need help joining surfaces

fairly new to Rhino.
Trying to join the top to the can in this model.
Your help would be greatly appreciated

skinnycan.3dm (4.3 MB)

Hi Markus -
I’m not sure how you created that top object but it’s not centered on the can and leaves a gap that is too large to be able to be joined.

I suppose the simple way out would be to just delete the surface that is highlighted in the picture and blend between the two objects but it wouldn’t hurt to remodel that by making a new profile curve with correct tangencies where appropriate and revolve that around the center of the can.


Is there any way that I would be able to easily get the top centered on the rest of the can without remodeling things?

Hi Markus -

That’s the thing that makes me wonder how you created that top…
In a quick check, I can’t seem to be able to snap to any center point on that geometry. That makes it impossible to move that to the center of the can.

Yeah to be honest I didn’t really remember how I created the top… I had done it quite a while ago with a slightly different shaped can body.
I was hoping for a quick fix to join the two pieces together, but in the end I just ended up remodeling the entire thing as you suggested. Thank you for your help