Need help creating solid to 3D print

So I made a graphical representation of Sierpinskis triangle, but I am having trouble trying to get it 3D print ready since it is an open polysurface and it needs to be closed before I make it into a mesh, but I am unsure of how to go about this since it involves a large amount of figures. Unfortunately I cannot upload the actual file model file since it is too large, but the way I made it is by making a triangle with a height of 4mm and a base length of 6mm, then I extruded it vertically and used my source code to make the sierpinskis triangle. After that I boolean union, but I get a open polysurface. So when I go to the preview as a .makerbot file it has a lot of holes and is really messed up. (2.4 KB)

Hi @Dayman1

Your script creates an awful lot of non-manifold edges - edges where multiple edges meet and creates a zero-thickness edge - in this case where all the smaller triangles meet. In order for them to boolean (and 3D print) properly, you need an actual overlap. One way to do this is to run the script and then use Boxedit to scale up all the triangles (around the bounding box center - hence the use of Boxedit), so that they actually overlap. Then boolean union and use MergeAllFaces to clean up the geometry. Beware that the boolean and merge operation will take a while when operating with this many objects. It might be faster to Make2D of the top view and then extrude the result.

HTH, Jakob

I just tried the Make2D method, and it’s not working - the command picks up the overlapping surfaces instead of just the outlines. I guess your stuck with boolean union and mergeallfaces :unamused: