Need help compile to python script in rhino 6

i make a eto python script. I want compile it into file exe then install in another computer run with command but i don’t know how can do thats

Hi @xiix.xoox,

you can do that and compile a python script containing Eto related code using the RhinoScript compiler. The result is not an *.exe file but a *.rhp PlugIn file or, alternatively a *.rhi PlugIn installer.

Note: it is required to reference the RhinoCommon.dll for Rhino6 if you’re using Eto related code in your script. You can choose the dll after opening the compiler, press P to go to the PlugIn setting, then press S to choose the SDK section. When it prompts for a file, select this file:

C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\System\RhinoCommon.dll

Here is an example PlugIn compiled using this method. It displays an Eto dialog. The command it registers is SampleSmile: SampleSmile.rhp (8.5 KB)


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Thank you!