Need help applying a ripple texture to a doubly curved mesh

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if anyone knows how to apply a ripple texture to a mesh. Usually we see the ripple texture executed on a 2d surfaces, but I’m hoping to find a way it can follow the normals of the mesh.

Let me know if any more clarification is needed. I’ve attached some sample files I’m working on and some images to get a sense of the scale of the ripples to be applied the mesh.

Thank all!

ripple and mesh.3dm (211.3 KB)
ripple and (29.7 KB)

I didn’t look to your files, but one solution will be to move vertices of your mesh depending of geodesic distances from points on mesh.
I have done some script to calculate geodesic distances many years ago.

I have done that but just with a Subdivision level of 2 in Catmull&Clark. It could be better if you manage to find better implementation than mine.

ripple and (269.1 KB)

Yes, I’m sorry for not responding.

At first glance, the images you provided aren’t doing exactly what I was perhaps aiming for. You’re showing a ripples on all the surfaces of the mesh, which is correct (albeit the size, but that’s not too important).Right now, all the ripples appear to have normals always directly up in the z direction, such is true of real gravity. However, I’m hoping they began to defy gravity and the normals started turning sideways, among other directions, following the surfaces as it goes up the legs. What you’ve done is quite interesting and greatly appreciated. Thank you for trying to help out.