Need help adapting/making a twisted louver script

I have this script that i recreated from an OM. video but it does not work on my new proposed form.

My issues with the script

  1. the louvers are scaled based off of a number/frequency, not a standard size.
  2. the script does not work well on curved surfaces
  3. does not allow spacing between members
  4. I do not know how to truss the back of the louvers so that it is projected off the building

Ideally I want to make a script that standardizes a size and adjust the frequency to this standard size. However while the louver will twist, I still want to be able to edit the thickness and width to accommodate possible changes that will happen to the overall tower shape.
This is my current new tower

Need help making this kind of script.

Video:grasshopper tutorial § twisted louvers
Script from video: om twisted louvers (21.5 KB)
New tower file: new model form.3dm (2.3 MB)

Other twisted louver scripts:
surface (11.6 KB) (17.2 KB) (24.2 KB)