Need Feedback about Section Drawings: Line Width Setting

@rajaa I have 8.7.24134.3001.

And in case this helps in debugging, this two parameter I had changed


Hmm. I opened your file (I am running 8.8 release candidate, so it could be different there),
But when I check the Print Preview, I get the expected result (no thick hatch lines)

In the Print preview I too get the same as shown by you but can you please check and confirm print dialogue page and print in pdf format if we are getting the as previewed print. After print for some reasons we are not getting desired results.

I see it now. @mary is this related to the printing issue we had, or a different bug. I do see that the display in layout for the hatch is different thickness than when print. Are we missing something here?

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@rajaa @mary any update to this? I am not able to print my work because of this!

Hello again, do we have any update as I think this issue cannot be ignored as not able to produce production outputs from rhino 8.

@asisintel This looks like a bug in the Print-Preview. Filed here…

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Hi @asisintel,
There are existing open issues with printing the Section Hatch fill with Print Width, in addition to the one that @rajaa has filed which I believe is a duplicate for the ones that are in progress:

We will let you know here in this thread when there is a fix that is ready to test.

Mary Ann Fugier

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