Need fast toggle for "show hatches" in display tab

We need a toggle to show/hide hatches as well as curves.

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Hi Holo, can you please log this feature request in YouTrack?

Great idea!

Hi Brian, I’d prefer to keep things simple and in one place, so I believe it’s a time saver for me to quickly paste the image and type some text in here where I already spend some time. On the other hand, what benefits would I get from spending the time learning myjetbrains?

The benefit to adding feature requests to our issue tracker directly is that we don’t lose them. Starting a conversation here is just a conversation, and if nobody else notices and adds the issue, it could get lost. We don’t go back through old conversations looking for issues to add. In general @pascal tends to add these things, but we’d love it if users did, too.

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Hi Jorgen - currently these are included in ‘Annotations’ , including in the detailed view mode controls, as far as I can see - does that do it for you, or do you need it (Hatches) to be separated out from Annotations?


Ah, I guess renaming it to “Annotations/hatches” could do the trick… never thought of them as part of that, but that makes sense. I’d prefer them to be separate though, and I don’t mind the list being long.