Need Eto source code documentation


The Eto assembly installed with Rhino has not been compiled with the inline documentation.
And we lose the benefit of the contextual help in our editor.
When we need to learn a new framework, switching between the editor and the sources repository to get the inline information of a method is not very practical and very long at therm.

Before posting this request, I tested 2 options:

First, I loaded into my solution a project not compiled with McNeel Eto source code :
But the version of Eto running with Rhino is 2.5 and the repository stops at the version 2.2.

Second, I loaded into my solution a project not compiled with the picoe Eto source code:
The version is newer, But there are errors like this:

(In English: VS requests to load Eto assembly version 2.5)

Can you, in the next Rhino release, export the Eto.dll documentation with it or upgrade your Github repository with version 2.5?

Thank you.

Hi @kitjmv,

Thanks for the suggestion! I have created a ticket for that here.

Rhino does not use releases from the GitHub repository, and the ones listed in are merely a copy from the original picoe/Eto repository when it was initially forked.

Another option you have is to use the RhinoCommon NuGet package, which does include the xml documentation for both RhinoCommon and Eto.Forms. Consequently, you could then also build your project without Rhino installed.

Hope this helps!

Thank you @curtisw for adding this post!

And thank you for this alternative, it works well.


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The documentation is today include in the assemblies of Rhino.
Thank you !