Need assistance on programming a tangential knife using RhinoCam

My old table used a drag knife. Not sure you’re familiar with VCarve, but I programmed the knife in VCarve using the gadget feature and a separate post processor that disabled the spindle.

My new table has a servo driven oscillating tangential knife. I have figured out all spindle driven tool paths but I’m stuck now on how to program the knife. I just found out from Vectrics that VCarve does not support a tangential knife.

The new table came with a post processor that I used to program the spindle tools, but my guess is that I need a separate post processor to program the knife?? Currently, I can get the knife to follow the correct tool path and run at the correct height while oscillating……however, the knife does not turn with the path… in other words, I have not figured out the 4th axis control.

At this point I am exploring all contingencies and wanted to know if I do end up having to purchase RhynoCam, how to program the tangential knife so that I’m ready to run as quickly as possible…. OR, if there might be a better solution for my CAM needs. IF RhinoCam does support a tangential knife, does it depend on the make and model of the knife? or, will it program ANY tangential knife?

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you.

@Scott_Kurtz I revised your title so it is clear that you are asking about RhinoCam. That should help someone familar with RhinoCam see that they may be able to help you.