Need animated ClippinPlan in vraynext[grasshopper]

i need animated clippin plan in vraynext(grasshopper)
please add this{useful } option to next update
If it is possible in the current version, please explain how?


Hi A5,

the clipper is in fact a geometry, so no need to add slots for that in the renderer component.
How do you imagine it as a workflow?
the clipper comes in two flavours - mesh clipper and clipping plane. The first would accept a GH geometry object, that is clear, but what about the clipping plane ?
How do you think you’re gonna use it as a GH component ?

hi @Nikolay
I mean something like the following algorithm. I created this algorithm by intersecting the ُ surface and brep booleanSplit, but the drawback of this algorithm is its slow speed in large files.
If instead the( clipping plan) intersection Surface does the crossover in Grasshopper, it will be very interesting, fast and marbling.
[vray next clipping plan(cliipper).gh|attachment]
vray next clipping plan(cliipper-2).gh (1.2 MB)

Hello @Nikolay
Is this option added in vray5beta the same as my request in the content above?

““V-Ray Clipper component implemented. Use it for section cuts or procedural boolean mesh intersections””

No, it is considerably simpler. Just plug a Plane component in the geometry slot and that’s all

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yes it is great!
i test it in (vray5beta)

but exclude and include in Grasshopper do the opposite( 0 and 1)0=exclude and 1=includeclip grasshopper- exclude and

(34.7 KB) and toon materials rendered the wrong result in the output

you mean 7beta?

no this version of vray

sorry i must be blind but i am sure i read rhino5beta :slight_smile:

Check the exclusion mode. It inverts the exclude into include