Need ALIAS setup help

HI folks!
Looooong time ago (10 years to be more egsact) forum administrator called Pascal helped me on seting up an alias for two things:
1.) zoom extense active screen

2.)place camera target and zoom window

Any chance someone could help me?

Thank you

Here’s a link to instructions:

Hi Mario -

Zoom _Extents

& , I guess - I don’t remember exactly what you were trying to do

! _-ViewportProperties _CameraTarget _Pause _Pause _EnterEnd _Zoom


Pascal thanx for the response! :slight_smile:
The 1st one is correct but the second is not fully.
The way you made it work now os to place the new location for camera, wich is not what i want. I only need to place new position of the target and zoom in…can oyu remember howve you done it?

Hi Mario - that is Zoom Target - currently on the right-click of the default Zoom Window button. Does that do it?


ok i tried it on more time…I activated your alias, hit enter one tome, and then got a choise and hit TARGET, then I snap to a target and zoom to window…can you put all this on alias so I dont need to right cliclk every time…

Sure- the macro is

`_Zoom _Target

(Note the ‘tick’ in front, by the way) and you can out that on any alias - I changed my ‘Z’ alias to use this macro since I find it much moe useful than a window zoom 99% of the time. Change that in Options > Aliases.


Nothing works now?!?!
What the hell have I done?!?!

Hi Mario - make sure the spelling and spacing is correct. Space between commands and options, no space inside multiword commands or options and no space after the underscore if you use that (a good idea if you are not running Rhino in English) - underscore counts as the first character in the command, not a separate thing.


Im running it in English.
Any chance you could paste the whole macro here si I can just copy and paste it?

If it is this then as above:

_Zoom _Target

Sorry- no ‘tick’!


Seems thath thick made the problem.

Kind of off topic maybe…

when using ! at the end of a macro, is that the same as using EnterEnd?

Also adding MultiPause to the documentation for V6. :wink:

"!" is the same as tapping the Esc key.
It makes sense to start a Macro with ! to cancel any currently running command.

interesting, i’ve never seen using ! at the end of a macro until reading your wiki link you posted.