Need advice, whats the best way to build/join these surfaces?

Hi, Im tying to replicate Luke’s Landspeeder in Star Wars: A New Hope. Everything has been pretty smooth, except some trouble with the top surfaces; particularly, blending the front half with the back end around the cockpit area. This should be simple but its really bugging me. In the beginning I tried to create the overall body shape via extruding into a basic solid and filleting everything for the added curvature/curved outer edges and details but the fillet options don’t cover compound radius/etc, of which the top is made. If y’all know a way to build it like that I’d love to hear it. Regardless, the main thing I’m trying to do is join the front and back top surfaces into one, with it smoothly flowing from a more planar surface in the front to the more-curved rear end. I’d really appreciate any input, thx so much and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Lspeeder1|690x388 .

Rhino File Here: RebuiltMeshSpeeder1.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hello - I do not know if I am looking at the right bit, but this is one way to construct this area, starting from what you have

RebuiltMeshSpeeder1_PG.3dm (385.5 KB)


Yes, that’s fairly close to what I’m talking about. The main concern was to ensure a smooth transition b/t the front and back top which wouldn’t look obvious when viewing the side of the cockpit “Tub” area. On the original prop model it’s flat on the front top yet curved across the rear end.
I originally tried to create the main body of the model (minus the wings) by extruding a planar surf made from the overall top outline curves. Thus, having one big solid to carve away by filleting around the edges, similar to carving a block of wood. The problem I ran into was, it seemed to require quite a few compound radii at the fillet handles, around the front half. That can’t be done with Rhino’s fillet options, correct? Pascal I know ur a master of filleting in Rhino, if there is a way around that, I’d love to know, thx for ur time and help