Need advice to use Quixel Megascan asset in Rhino

I download this plant model in Quixel Megascan


I tried to import these textures but it not good. Need advice to use these texture in Rhino 7.
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  1. Create a ZIP archive out of the textures in the Textures/Atlas folder.
  2. In Rhino create a new material using Create Physically Based materials from texture files...
    1. Choose the ZIP file from the first step
    2. Texture size in real world should be set to 1
    3. Set material editor to Tree mode
    4. Select all the textures of your PBR material
    5. Ensure that under Mapping you select Mapping Channel, with channel set to 1
  3. import say Var1 of your asset
  4. Assign the PBR material to your imported asset. The same material goes with any of the assets.
  5. Success

Thank your advice @nathanletwory
What should I do with Translucency? I think it’s important to make 2 Sides Material. Leaf have 2 sides colors.


You can add that to the subsurface scattering amount in the very least, but it works also to put it later on in all three subsurface scattering channels

Here a possible setup

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Thank Nathan

Hi Nathan,
Are you sure the displacement exr file is working? It looks in the image like displacement is not on, the bark looks flat? I can’t seem to get exr displacement files from quixel working in Rhino. See my upload to Pascal.

@3dsynergy as @pascal mentioned in the other thread (No displacement from Quixel textures - #6 by pascal) displacement needs a lot of geometry. We don’t do adaptive subdivision of geometry when there is a displacement texture, you’ll have to do that yourself.

In that thread for instance if I set a custom render mesh and give the maximum edge length 0.1, no simple planes, no refining, etc, then I get a dense mesh that can be displaced properly.

These assets are meshes, so you’ll have to find a way to subdivide them and maintain the UV coordinates from the original.