Need a render of a glass sculpture

I need a render of a sculpture I am producing. We need a highly realistic render that can be used in presentation. $200.00

I might be able to help you out with this, see my portfolio on this site and

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Great I will get you a screen shot of the quick render i have.

Your work looks great
Can we get this going right away.
(note; I was not sure of pricing but I wanted to let everyone know that i was willing to pay. it is not a firm budget or anything.)
Let me know as soon as possible I can send you the rhino file immediately.
Thank you

Hi Greg,

I’ll send you a pm

Gijs is a serious pro in every sense of the word … you will be happy with his stuff.

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:slight_smile: thanks… (feeling the pressure now to live up to that expectation :grimacing:)

I see zero issues there… I look at your stuff for how to raise my own game… :wink:

Thank you both so much this really helps us.