Near snap on surface edge?

Oh, perp is working alright - I actually meant that perp (like cen) is too strong compared to mid, for instance. I’ll send a simple file when I get this stuff done, that I’m working on right now.


… and of course I’m not able to create a simple file that would show the behaviour I’m talking about. However… the symptom is this: If you have two almost parallel (but not quite) lines in 3D-space and are trying to draw a line from the midpoint of one of the lines to the midpoint of the second line it might be hard to ‘find’ the midpoint osnap. Instead I often get Perp or Int - or both - but not Mid.

If Mid would be stronger than both Int and Perp (as in the list I suggested) the problem would be solved, I think.


RH-56862 is fixed in the latest WIP

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Thank you, this works just as expected now!