Near Snap occasionally not snapping

Im in full screen perspective viewport trying to near snap an end edit point to the middle of a curve and its not taking. Ive toggled the near snap option on and off about 10 times trying to get it to work and nothing… Its done this to me once or twice since the latest update (5A580) 11.10.14. Some times when I first move the point close to the line first then release and then try again, it lights up for literally a split second and jumps on the curve but it goes away too fast for me to release it and get the snap. I moved the point around my whole project and it won’t ask to snap to anything. I have to reboot rhino to reset it so it works again.

Are you using a mouse or are you using a trackpad? Have you updated to OS X Yosemite?

Mouse and yes I am on the latest version of OS X Yosemite

I’m not able to replicate this bug on my computer…I’m probably missing something. Can you give detailed instructions for how to replicate this? The best way is to show it in a screen recording and post it here. Quicktime has screen recording built in (Quicktime > File > New Screen Recording). I’d like to make sure this (annoying sounding) but is squashed.

Ive been working on my project a lot since i created this topic and it hasn’t happened to me again yet. Theres no pattern to making it do this that i can think of, its completely random, and its not very often either.