Navisworks faster than Rhino

Hi everybody

I have a very huge assembly file who contain a lot of files (they are imserted as block instance).
This “assembly” is quite heavy and really slow to open. He is so heavy that I can’t produce any technical drawing.
I have done the same assembly on navisworks, loading directly the 3dm files into it, and it open really quickly, creating cuting view is just really fast, You can ask to refresh the files that your collegue are working on(or not)… I guess that Navisworks do not load all the information of all the files… But it look quite efficiently

So my question is this one :
Do anybody know a trick or two that can allow rhino3D to open faster ( turning off the load of some informations, the load of some objects…)

thanks !

Naviswork converts everything to mesh and stores geometry as mesh. This is why it is so fast. Naviswork is designed to show VERY BIG assemblies. Rhino is not.

rhino currently has some heavy issue with blocks, try exploding the blocks and see if that helps the performance.

thanks for the help !
but, if I do it, I should probably kill myself before all my collegue catch me ! :sweat_smile:

i can understand that, dont do it then, i mean both of course. the only option left is to use rhino 6 or earlier for this kind of work, when i remember well the performance with blocks was still good then.

or hide the blocks for the time being, that also normalises the performance. selblocks hide or put them on a layer and hide it idk… i am also suffering on that, hope it will improve in the next release.

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Hi @encephalon ,
So blocks performance in Rhino 7 is not that great?
Because I have been complaining about the blocks performance on both Rhino 5 and 6. By “performance”, I mean Rhino slowing significantly down when zooming, rotating the scene.

ic, well the last time i had Rhino 5 and 6 installed it worked a magnitude better than 7. but that was also on a mac, maybe i had a little advantage there still, which now definitely has vanished :confused:

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Thank you for the clarification. My experiences are solely on Windows versions.