Navigation requests

If I am reading “unread” threads, I go into the first thread and read the stuff, then I want to get back to the “unread” category. I don’t see any way to do that except clicking on “forums” at the top of the page, but it doesn’t remember “unread” so I have to click that too…

As I’ve said before, the ability to set up a filter to show multiple categories - right now it’s either all or one.

Thanks, --H

You must be using IE9 and the back button won’t work there. Works everywhere else (Chrome, Firefox, Opera…)

No, it does actually :blush: just used to it not working in other forums where when you use the back button, it doesn’t mark the thread read. So all OK, that request is no longer necessary. Still want the filter.

Scroll to the bottom instead of clicking back. There are topics there that are unread and likely in the same category.