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When I’m in an orthogonal view I can hold down the shift and command keys, right click on the mouse and orbit smoothly into an angular view. However it’s not a perspective but a parallel projection. Is there some way to tweek this function to force it into the perspective mode when using this combo?

you might like this macro to switch between perspective and parallel projection (and back again etc):

-ViewportProperties Projection Toggle Enter

otherwise, i don’t think there’s a built-in option to automatically recognize you’re changing views from orthographic to perspective.


I’m using that now and it’s nice, however I’m wondering if I can make things even easier. For instance, If one holds down the the command key while using the right click on the mouse the app goes into zoom mode. Why not have a setup where when holding down the control key the right click takes makes the change into perspective - executes the macro you listed.?

i once saw an experimental drawing mode for rhino that you’d probably like.

basically, you orbit around in perspective mode as normal… when you near an ortho-like view, it would automatically snap to the view (top, front, right, etc) and change to parallel projection… but if you orbit out of that view, it goes back to perspective.

idk, it seems really cool.
not sure if or when we might see it available

I remember coming across this from a fellow that was describing that system as something used in either Z brush, or maybe Maya? It sounds ideal. I’m not sure who to lobby that too.

FWIW, I have it permanently on.

There are a few issues with the current implementation (like it not working with custom CPlanes and AutoCPlane viewport titles being included in prints) but all in all it works fine.
A python version for Mac can be found somewhere in this thread:

Wow that sounds great. I followed the link however and I get this:

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic! Is there another way to get it?

Any other means to get the script?

Looks like that thread might have started out as a regular RH5 for Windows thread but was changed to another category.
I copied the link to what I regard as the most functional version of the script. It’s a python script and should run on for Mac as well:

Okay, I got it. Thanks very much. Now there’s just one little thing …

How do I use this?


I mean I know enough to place it in the appropriate scripts folder for Rhino, but after that my savvy falls off precipitously.

Hi James - RunPythonScript and navigate to the script location, or, with a dash in front

_-RunPythonScript “Script name”

Any luck?

I entered - RunPythonScript - in a command line window and it asks for an angle - it seems this script changes the cplane but what I’m wanting is to move in and out of ortho views smoothly into perspective manipulation/orbiting.

I think WIM misunderstood me.

Using this line “-ViewportProperties Projection Toggle Enter” I can move from ortho into perspective, but it requires a keystroke combo and afterwards the object is sometimes moved in the change over. Why couldn’t that script be assigned to the right mouse click when in ortho like the zoom function is when in perspective by holding down the option key?

I was just commenting on what @jeff_hammond said. Perhaps he misunderstood? :wink:

Is it for construction purposes or just viewing purposes that you want to change the view?

The script asks for an angle at which the CPlane changes. Apparently you like it better that the entire view snaps to a different CPlane and becomes orthogonal (plan and parallel). I’m not sure if that was successfully implemented in one of the versions (@pascal?) - there were problems with that snapping behavior that was getting on the nerves of the users. Personally I don’t want that behavior so I never tried it…

FWIW, the latest version is this one:

Its[quote=“wim, post:13, topic:29050”]

  • there were problems with that snapping behavior that was getting on the nerves of the users.

Thanks WIM,

I don’t think I’d like the model snapping into an ortho view. I can get to desired Ortho views with key combos, and in one case with a mouse button. What I’m wanting is not for the object/camera to snap to an orthogonal view, but rather to be able to orbit out of an orthogonal view smoothly into a perspective. For instance, at times I want to check that I’ve not over selected a group of control points and only need to turn the model slightly to verify. Or I’m snapping a line and want to make sure it’s going to the correct point before I continue.

I usually start in an Ortho view to create curves and then move into perspective view to inspect for problems.
I know the muti-window view is useful for this, I find the method troublesome which is why I’m trying to get the benefits it has into the single window mode.

It comes down to ease of manipulation - the fewer clicks the better. I noticed the option key effects the right mouse clickHold the same way as the command key. I think the option key gives a finer zooming degree. It would be much better IMO to use the option or command key for either zooming or orbiting. I can orbit smoothly most of the time using the shift+command keys but the model in in a parallel projection mode and that’s not as useful as proper perspective.

So in answer to your question; its desired for both construction and viewing purposes.

It might be useful to combine this with the cplane script as well.