Navigating through a space between two polysurfaces


I am designing a mold which has a male and female component. I’m designing them to have a 1mm cavity between the two surfaces where the molded shape should be.

I am currently just using the wireframe and ghosted views to try and validate my design but I was wondering if there are any other methods or plugins I am not aware of that would make my validation easier. Is there a way to zoom in on the surfaces without the camera view going inside an object?


Hi Chris- use Zoom Target, I think, with OSnaps, and probably, if you’re zooming in really close, set the view projection to be parallel, if it is not already- (Properties window, with no selection). See also the Contour and Section commands, they might come in handy.


Thanks Pascal, Zoom Target will be an improvement over manually zooming in. However, it still presents the problem of giving me a view where I am still located inside the closer object which obstructs the view in some scenarios.

To give a more simple explanation of what I’m trying to achieve, imagine a hallway that zig zags, turns, and curves. I’d like to be able to “walk” through that hallway and ensure the walls are a specified distance apart. Is this possibly? Contour and Section could work to get cross-sections but only for one isolated region at a time. Perhaps there is a more dynamic tool?


Hi Chris- open the Walkabout toolbar, that might help here as well.


That is extremely helpful. I tried adjusting the step increments and I think this will do what I need. Thanks Pascal!

Also check out the clipping plane. You can move this plane and the display updates dynamically.

That is awesome, thanks for the suggestion!