Navigating Panther Materials

Im trying to work out material weights in Panther.
Have created a ring and assigned materials for each component however the bottom left corner is only displaying ‘Rose Gold 18K 0.791g’ even though there is no rose gold in the model. Ive assigned 18K Yellow Gold, Aquamarine & Diamonds. Not getting any weights for anything other than rose gold. Have gone into materials panel but nothing is updating. Model when rendered is showing in correct materials though. Any suggestions?

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Hi Suzi, thanks for describing this, we also found it with the latest SR26 from Rhino so we adjusted already in the latest Panther update 1.0.2006.23, please confirm.

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Thanks Pedro, I installed the updates and it is working now.
Thanks again.

Hi Pedro, I’m having the same problem running Panther 1.6.2012.10 on the latest Rhino 6 on W10. Any ideas?

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